Pack of 2 Doggy Dental Care Set Dog Cat Puppy Kittens ToothBrush


  • Dog Puppy Dental care set Doggy tooth brush 2 per pack (Black & Blue) | (Pink & Black)
  • Pet toothbrushes are made of PP strong materials and durable to ensure long-term use, easy to clean pet teeth
  • The toothbrush’s curved handle design is easy to grasp, and the bristles are soft, which can effectively clean pet teeth and help reduce the accumulation of tartar and dental plaque
  • You only need to use your fingers to help clean your pet’s teeth. It is the perfect choice when maintaining and cleaning your pet’s teeth and gums
  • Finger brush is very suitable for cleaning pets gums and teeth. It helps prevent pet oral diseases and keep pets healthy
  • Measurements: Long 13.5cm | Depth 2cm

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Blue, Pink


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